Weekly Reading Update


Well, another week down, and this one has been a bit wild! For those of you who haven’t read my bio, I live in Oregon. COVID-19 has not affected us nearly as badly as it has other portions of the nation, but things seem to be getting worse. I live in Southern Oregon specifically, which is far more rural than the northern half of the state, so COVID-19 has been slow in reaching our area, but it is here now. Today, Jackson County Public Health reported that Jackson County is now in ‘rapid community spread’, as the number of community spread cases are rising daily. On Monday, our governor placed a stay at home order for the entire state, so I can finally relate to all of you who have been quarantined for weeks. Now, I do work in what is considered “essential” business, so our business is still up and running, though we are taking a bunch of safety measures to ensure everyone on our team stays healthy. Being that I typically work in the office, I am now working from home. Annnnnnd, I’ve gotten a lot less reading done this week because of it. Still, I did get some reading done!

So, here’s my update.

What I’m Reading – When They Are Hanged, by Joe Abercrombie

Wow, I love this book! I’m only about 160 pages in, but I am absolutely in love with this book. For those of you who read my review for The Blade Itself, you know I initially struggled with it. By the end, however, Abercrombie had completely won me over. With When They Are Hanged, I’ve been hooked from page one. Hell, I’ve been hooked from word number one. I love this book. The worldbuilding is expanded upon, the characters are just as masterfully written as they were in book 1, and the plot has a clear direction and sense of purpose. I LOVE THIS BOOK!

What I Plan to Read Next – Last Argument of Kings AND Legacy of Ash

As I sink into the quarantine life, I am hoping that I get to pick up books more often than I have been able to this week. Usually, I don’t read a series back to back. I think I will make an exception with Last Argument of Kings. I’m just not sure I’ll be able to wait to find out what happens next!

Second, I plan to pick up Legacy of Ash by Matthew Ward. I’ve been hearing so much about this book, and I am so damn intrigued by it. Based on reviews I’ve read, especially the review I read by @CloakTraveling (Twitter handle or @travelingcloak on IG) over at fanfiaddict.com, where they write as a contributing blogger. @CloakTraveling was kind enough to send me a copy of the book, which should arrive sometime next week! Thank you, @CloakTraveling!!! I am extremely excited for this book.

What am I going to read after all of these?

Well, these will be a bit more up in the air. I’ve got quite a few on deck, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts. Still, I cant help but feel like I’ll want to read Abercrombie’s, A Little Hatred. We will see!!!

What are you guys reading in these strange, and frankly terrifying days?

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I'm a husband, a father, a man of faith. I love reading and writing, as well as tabletop games. I'm hoping to review and discuss a variety of fantasy and sci-fi novels in this blog.

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